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Donald Chi

Testing a Mobile App to Improve Toothbrushing Skills and Habits in Teens with Autism

colored drawing of a mobile phoneAdolescents with autism are at increased risk for tooth decay in part because of inconsistent toothbrushing. Mobile health apps are a promising but underutilized way to improve and enforce toothbrushing habits.

In this study, you will be provided an access code to download a toothbrushing app on your device. We kindly request you supervise your child while they use the app during toothbrushing. We will ask you to engage in study-related activities, such as completing surveys and participating in feedback interviews, and focus groups. We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your opinions and thoughts to help us improve the usability of the app.

This study is fit for:

  • Caregivers age ≥ 18 years
  • Children with autism ages 10 to 17 years
  • Caregivers and children able to communicate in English
  • Caregivers and children living in the same house
  • Caregivers and children who are able to download our toothbrushing app onto a device with a front-facing camera (iPad/iPhone with iOS 9.0+; Android tablet/phone with Android 6.0+)
  • Caregivers and children having Wi-Fi or cellular data plan to allow app data to be transmitted

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Deeksha Nemawarkar
Research Coordinator,
University of Washington
Department of Oral Health Sciences
Phone: 206-221-8926