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Donald Chi

The Topical Fluoride Study at the University of Washington

Chi with patientCavities are the most common disease in children. Fluoride is one of the few ways to prevent cavities. However, more and more parents have concerns about fluoride. These concerns can include questions about safety and effectiveness. Some parents may feel uncomfortable talking to their dentist or other healthcare providers about topical fluoride, which is painted onto the teeth during dental checkups.

Few studies have looked at the reasons why parents are concerned about topical fluoride for their children. We are working with parents, dentists, and other healthcare providers to create a survey that will help us to better understand parents’ beliefs and concerns about topical fluoride.

Our goal is to improve communications between parents and dentists about topical fluoride and other ways to prevent cavities for children. To make sure we are developing a good survey, it is important to get opinions from as many parents as we can. This is where you can help!

For questions or additional information, please contact:
Joshua Orack, Research Coordinator
Phone: 206-616-4923