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William “Mike” Hairfield

William "Mike" Hairfield

Volunteer Research Scientist

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I grew up in Heaven, a.k.a. Kansas, lightning, thunderstorms, box turtles, fish, frogs, fossils, and waves of grain. Two years driving a truck across Kansas and Oklahoma gave me an insatiable hunger for something else. Dental school, hospital dental residency and faculty for 10 years while studying upper airway assessment and health in the craniofacial and communicative disorders clinic, orthodontic specialty graduate school, 23 years of private practice while part-time teaching. One year ago, severe sports injury to my dominant arm ended my clinical orthodontic career. I may be delusional, but I feel like I’ve barely started. I became a bio-informaticist for personal satisfaction and to give back to dentistry and craniofacial science. I feel like Goethe, who shouted just before his death, “More Light! More Light!”