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UW Clinical Periodontal Research


Primary Researcher

Diane Daubert, PhD, MS, RDH

Dr. Daubert’s primary research interests lie in the exploration of peri-implant disease including risk factors, prevalence, titanium corrosion as a modifier of the implant microbiome, peri-implant health and epigenetic changes associated with implant health and disease. In addition, she has studied the use of glycine powder air polishing for reduction of microbiome, and has published on the first paper finding a phenotypic change in the dentition due to a single nucleotide polymorphism in the ENAM gene.

Current Lab Members

Yung-Ting (Lizzy) Hsu, DDS, MDSc, MS

Dr. Hsu’s research interests focus on periodontal regeneration, treatment and prevention of peri-implant diseases, and interdisciplinary therapy. She is intensively involved in pre-clinical and clinical studies, including application of biologic agents on periodontal and bone regeneration, the impacts of implant designs and occlusal scheme on peri-implant tissue, and management of peri-implant diseases. She teaches both didactic courses and clinical teaching in pre-doctoral and post-doctoral level.

“Sharing my experiences and brainstorming with people who also have a sincere passion for the field periodontics is something I have strived for throughout my entire life.”

Jason Kum, DDS
Resident, Graduate Periodontics

Dr. Kum’s interest in periodontics and implant dentistry originates from his research experience in microbiology, histology, and antibiotics in his undergraduate education. His current study evaluates how titanium dissolution affects the microbiome in the peri-implant sulcus.

Eddie Lee, D.M.D
Resident, Graduate Periodontics

Eddie’s research interest lie in assessing whether dental hygiene procedures designed for use around teeth, such as ultrasonics, result in increased Ti dissolution, and consequent upregulation of inflammatory biomarkers in the peri-implant crevicular fluid of implants undergoing aggressive versus Ti-friendly cleaning. In addtion to development of surgical therapeutic management of peri-implantitis.

Jessica Latimer, DDS Candidate

Jessica is a forth-year dental student at the University of Washington (UW) pursuing a career in Periodontology. Jessica is an incoming resident in the combined Doctor of Medical Sciences and Periodontology program at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.  Her current research interests include pathophysiologic alterations of alveolar bone, prosthetic and biologic risk factors associated with peri-implant disease, and dental education.


Georgios A. Kotsakis, DDS, MS

Dr. Kotsakis’ research interests lie in epidemiologic aspects of periodontal and peri-implant diseases with a special focus on the development of brief, but valid, clinically-based and patient-oriented oral-health outcome measures to facilitate the integration of oral diseases’ assessment in large-scale health studies. Dr. Kotsakis’ research philosophy is grounded in inter-disciplinary collaboration. His work also includes preclinical and clinical studies that investigate bone response to host-related factors, such as diabetes mellitus, and to local factors, such as titanium surface contamination and osteostimulative biomaterials. Dr. Kotsakis’ funded work has been supported both by NIDCR/NIH and by investigator-initiated industry-funded studies.