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Title: Geospatial Analysis of Dental Access and Workforce Distribution in Kenya
Journal: Annal of Global Health
Authors: Brenda A. Okumu , Marc Tennant, Estie Kruger, Arthur M. Kemoli, Frank A. Roberts, Ana L. Seminario

Title: The effect of antiretroviral therapy initiation on vitamin D levels and four oral diseases among Kenyan children and adolescents living with HIV
Journal: PLoS One
Authors: Ana Lucia Seminario ,Arthur Kemoli, Walter Fuentes, Yan Wang, Poojashree Rajanbabu, Dalton Wamalwa, Sarah Benki-Nugent, Grace John-Stewart, Jennifer A. Slyker

Title: Oral health status and barriers to oral healthcare among children with cerebral palsy attending a health care center in Kampala, Uganda
Journal: BMC Oral Health
Authors: S. M. Kachwinya, A. M. Kemoli, R. Owino, I. Okullo, J. Bermudez & A. L. Seminario