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DeRouen Center Interns’ Next Steps

Global Interns
Clockwise from top left, Susan Lee, Jennifer Liu, Jessica Latimer, Belle Chen, and Pooja Rajanbabu.

Congratulations to the DeRouen Center interns who graduated in Spring 2020. Jessica Latimer, Susan Lee and Belle Chen recently graduated from UW School of Dentistry. Jessica is currently attending a 4-year residency at Harvard School of Dental Medicine as a Doctor of Medical Sciences candidate and Periodontology resident. Susan has accepted a position as an associate dentist at a private practice in Monroe, WA beginning in August, and Belle is exploring dental opportunities within WA., Pooja Rajanbabu and Jennifer Liu are graduates of UW School of Public Health. Pooja has earned a BS and is currently exploring opportunities in Public Health in the Seattle area, and Jennifer obtained an MPH and is currently in a 1-year internship program with the California Department of Health in Sacramento. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to our mission and wish them much success in their future endeavors.

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