February 23, 2021

The story behind Khon Kaen and Thammasat University success in global oral health research

Since 2006, there has been a dedicated effort to expand oral research capacity in Thailand. In conjunction with the University of Washington and Dr. Timothy DeRouen, two National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Center (FIC) D43 grants have been awarded, which funds research capacity building.   Read more➜

Highlighting Thai trainees’ research projects in oral health

Several exciting oral health studies have resulted from expanded oral health research capacity in Thailand. Trainees from the initial NIH D43 training grants have now gone on to investigate important topics such as cleft palates, chemo-mechanical dental caries, and the association between breast feeding, bottle feeding, and dental caries in very young children.  Read more➜

January 22, 2021

Decreasing inequalities in global oral health: Let’s publish your thesis!

The Timothy A. DeRouen Center is among the 2021 recipients of the University of Washington (UW) Global Innovation Fund (GIF). GIF is an award given through the UW Office of Global Affairs.  Read more➜

Annals of Global Health highlights the relevance of increasing research training programs in oral health

In its November 2020 edition, Annals of Global Health published an opinion piece on creating oral health research capacity on low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). This is a remarkable opportunity for expanding advocacy for decreasing inequalities in global health. Below are relevant highlights.  Read more➜

December 17, 2020

DeRouen Center is awarded an Arcora Foundation grant

Arcora Foundation is Washington state’s largest foundation dedicated exclusively to improving oral health. A nationally recognized catalyst for change, Arcora ensures policymakers, advocates, and the public have the right information to make wise decisions that lead to better health.  Read more➜

Oral Health Care Case Working Training with World Relief

At the end of 2019, approximately 79.5 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide. Washington State is consistently among the top five states with the highest refugee populations, most from Burma, Bhutan, the Former Soviet Union, Iraq and Eritrea.  Read more➜

November 16, 2020

Children’s oral health on children’s and family quality of life in Peru Amazonian slum

Untreated dental caries in permanent teeth is the most prevalent disease, and dental caries of the primary teeth affect more than 530 million children. Oral diseases manifest as pain, impairment, and loss of function, and can affect individuals throughout their lifetime.  Read more➜

Peru Education, Action, & Research (PEAR) Network at University of Washington

The Peru Education, Action, & Research (PEAR) Network is an informal network of UW faculty, graduate students, and community partners with research interests, projects, collaborators, and/or student programs in Peru.   Read more➜

October 15, 2020

Thailand increases oral health research training capacity

Although oral diseases are largely preventable, they are among the most non-communicable diseases globally, and they disproportionately burden disadvantaged communities, specially within low- and middle-income nations.  Read more➜

Rewarding meeting between DeRouen Center interns and Dean Chiodo

At the end of 2019, the UW Timothy A. DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health interns took part in a breakfast meeting with Dr. Gary Chiodo, Dean of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. The interns shared snapshots of their work in furthering the DeRouen Center’s mission.  Read more➜

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