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DeRouen Center Presents at IADR

DeRouen Center presentations at the 2023 IADR conference in Bogota, Colombia.
DeRouen Center presentations at the 2023 IADR conference in Bogota, Colombia.

The 2023 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) conference in Bogota, Colombia was an exciting event for the DeRouen Center. We had the honor of having five abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference, highlighting our research conducted by our dedicated international team. These abstracts represented a significant achievement for the DeRouen Center and demonstrated our continued success in advancing oral health on a global scale.

During the conference, the accepted abstracts from the DeRouen Center took center stage as interactive talks presented by Ana Lucia Seminario (University of Washington) entitled “Integrating oral health within Kenyan HIV research/policy structure: Stakeholder analysis”, Arthur Kemoli (University of Nairobi) entitled “Oral health status among visually impaired adolescents in Kenya”, Eraldo Pesaressi (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia) entitled “Oral health perceptions in MSM alcohol consumers with HIV”, Johanna Belen Juarez (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia) entitled “Dental utilization of refugee children is associated with area of resettlement”, and Sara Stanley (University of Washington) entitled “Implementing an app for data collection in a Peruvian HIV-clinic”. The presentations highlighted the research findings and innovative approaches to addressing oral health challenges in both Peru, Kenya, and the United States. The talks sparked engaging discussions, fostering collaboration, and knowledge sharing among fellow researchers and dental professionals in attendance.

The DeRouen Center’s presence at the conference demonstrates our continued commitment to international collaborations, knowledge exchange, and the pursuit of excellence in oral health research. We look forward to attending the next IADR conference in New Orleans, USA in 2024.

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