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Kenya Biovax Institute paves way for vaccines

Hand with syringeThe government of Kenya has established a company named Kenya Biovax Institute Ltd, in order to manufacture vaccines and other biologics within the country. Currently, Kenya imports 70% of required biologics and medications, but with the establishment of Kenya Biovax Institute, the hope is to manufacture the bulk of required vaccines and other biologics at home.

The shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in Kenya and through the African continent throughout the pandemic was the impetus for the new company. Supply chain issues created difficulties in vaccinating the Kenya population. Local manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines is set to begin in April.

The creation of Kenya Biovax Institute will be a significant step towards self-sustenance in supply and availability of medical commodities. The hope is that local production of vaccines will support public healthcare programs, economic growth, national security, and the ability to more adequately control future disease outbreaks.

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