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Waranuch Pitiphat highlighted at Fogarty International Center

Dr. Waranuch Pitiphat is a Thai oral health researcher at Khon Kaen University
Dr. Waranuch Pitiphat is a Thai oral health researcher at Khon Kaen University

Dr. Waranuch Pitiphat, former Dean of the School of Dentistry at Khon Kaen University, is a renowned Thai researcher who has made significant contributions to the field of oral health, with her work receiving recognition and support from the United States’ National Institutes of Health (NIH). As highlighted on the Fogarty International Center’s website at the NIH, Dr. Pitiphat’ s research endeavors in Thailand have focused on cultivating oral health research and addressing the disparities prevalent in the oral health domain.

One notable achievement in Dr. Pitiphat’ s career is her success in obtaining NIH grants, specifically the D71 and D43 training grants for southeast Asia. These grants awarded have enabled her to establish a research training program that integrates oral health research into the curriculum of Thai dental schools. By equipping dental students with research skills and fostering a research-oriented mindset, Dr. Pitiphat aims to enhance their capabilities and contribute to advancements in oral health research. She has organized workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects that bring together oral health professionals from Thailand and other international partners. These initiatives not only facilitate the sharing of research findings and best practices but also foster interdisciplinary collaborations, strengthening the oral health research community within Thailand.

Dr. Pitiphat’ s achievements with D71 and D43 awards highlight her dedication to advancing oral health research and capacity-building efforts in Thailand. By empowering future dental professionals with research skills and promoting collaboration among researchers, she has significantly contributed to improving oral health outcomes and strengthening the research landscape throughout southeast Asia.

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