Environment and Oral Microbiome

The Timothy A. DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health is one of five recipients of the UW Population Health Initiative Grant, which is awarded to pilot research projects to advance the health, community strength, and future development of populations. The DeRouen Center is collaborating with the UW schools and departments of landscape architecture, nursing, engineering, epidemiology, and global health to develop InterACTION Labs, an interdisciplinary built environment-community health program that will work with residents of the Claverito community in Iquitos, a floating slum in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Amazon River community of Claverito models an area where the environment and health conditions are interlinked. Our role in this project is to study the microbiomes of children and adults in the region as well as to assess the impact of oral health in the community quality of life. From this research, we hope to develop interventions that will improve the community’s oral health.  InterACTION LABS (PDF)
InterACTION Labs brochure cover