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Washington State

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Arcora Foundation

Implementation and integration strategies of oral health within medical care among refugees’ resettling clinics in the state of Washington.

Our goal is to conduct formative research for integration of oral health assessments within the mandatory comprehensive medical care that refugees received soon after resettlement in Washington state. Currently, there are 7 clinics in the state of Washington that are approved by the department of health to conduct such assessment. With the support of this award, we are conducting virtual and on-site semi-structured interviews to learn about the current clinical procedures, logistical approach, and electronic chart systems to design a custom-made protocol for oral health integration.

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UW Morell Award

Refugees’ Endeavors For Utilizing Governmental Existing Efforts in the State; Dental Health Care Utilization Among Newly Resettled Refugees 2015 – 2018.

In this longitudinal study, we are aiming to determine oral health needs through dental services utilization rate, and factors associated with requesting services for refugee compared to non-refugee Medicaid patients, determine the most common dental services accessed between the two groups, and assess costs of dental treatment for refugees and non-refugees. To achieve these aims, we are analyzing a dataset compiled jointly by the Washington State Department of Health, Health Care Authority, and Department of Social and Health Services. This dataset will consist of Washington Medicaid records of refugees newly arrived and automatically enrolled in 2015 and non-refugee Medicaid patients newly enrolled in 2015, with 36 months of follow-up period for both groups.

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